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From teacher training days to motivational student keynotes, we will educate and inspire your teachers and students to integrate flow and create optimal learning environments.

Since our team have been heavily involved in education, we understand the demands and budgets placed on schools. Our program is tailored to each school to ensure practical integration.

We are passionate about flow and education, and aim to work with the school at all levels (if available) to ensure our training is not "just another PD".

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Our talks are immersive and memorable, designed to be educational and inspirational. With a range of expert professionals to choose from we have you covered.


Our workshops are designed to first inspire people to accept the main message, then practically apply the change on the day, and finally plan and begin any required integration.


Whether it is thought leadership, technical applications of flow, or an advisory board member, our team has extensive experience for you to utilise.

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measurable results

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Latest psychological and neuroscientific insights
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Example Workshops & KEYNOTES

Teacher Flow

The gold standard of good teaching is ever-changing to meet the current demands and varying contexts, yet at the heart of high-performing teachers and peak-performing students is the proficiency of self-leadership.

In this talk we examine how finding flow starts with self-leadership and provides compelling case studies and practical processes to facilitate exceptional self-leadership.

Burnout, Stress, & Flow

At the heart of every successful school are its teachers and their performance. When the team are motivated and resilient , great results can be achieved.

In this talk, we help people take responsibility for their performance and deliver a playbook for sustainable health and performance. We help the team self-assess their own engagement and deliver practical solutions to turning up each day as the best version of themselves.


We have all felt those moments in which everything just clicks. Everything you have been working on comes together and everyone works together as one. It is invigorating and rewarding, but how can a classroom structure itself to ensure that it is best positioned to facilitate flow.

In this talk, we examine the varying models of flow, the underlying culture, principles, and markers to measure and engineer flow within the school.

“We had the pleasure of inviting Cameron to speak on the TEDxUWA stage. He did an incredible job, of not only captivating an audience with his ideas, but by inspiring them to change. His presentation was highly successful; audiences found it relevant and engaging.”

Leanne Jiang
President and Founder TEDxUWA

“Cameron delivered an inspiring talk about flow to a varied audience at OIST from researchers to community members.  His talk was well planned and well thought through. It included a good mix of stories and cutting-edge neuroscience, delivered in a way that was accessible to all. We enjoyed his talk very much and feel it has already made a difference in the lives of many attendees.”

Dr Loretta White
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

“An exceptional presentation about flow which really resonated. Filled with evidence-based research and backed up with a few good stories!”

Kathryn Netherwood
School Principal

“Cameron is an exceptional public speaker who has a unique ability to captivate an audience and keep them engaged. His relevant knowledge in matters of reaching optimal performance (through flow) is outstanding. Our students gained life-altering tools to help them thrive (not survive), it was a great graduation speech.”

Carolina Asenjo
International Marketing Manager, EIT

Cameron brings clarity to subtle concepts in away that balances every day pragmatism with scientific research. It was a joy and an inspiration to have Cameron provide the opening seminar for our festival. Listeners told us they wanted Cameron back for more.”

Benjamin Andrews
CEO of Wise Things
School of Economics and Philosophy
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