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Flow is so often talked about in yoga, though few students often have a deep understanding of what it means.

From motivational workshops to flow and yoga courses, we will educate and inspire your students and/or teachers towards optimal experience within their yoga practice and teaching.

Let's work together to deepen the yoga practice at your studio and give your students a memorable set of psychological skills that they can use every session on the mat.

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Our talks are immersive and memorable, designed to be educational and inspirational. With a range of yogis on the team to choose from we have you covered.


Our workshops are designed to first inspire people to accept the main message, then practically apply the change to their yoga practice on the day.


Whether it is think-tanking, business coaching for the studio, or technical applications of flow, our team has extensive experience for you to utilise.

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Example workshops & KEYNOTES

Flow & Optimal Experience

Flow, optimal experience, and consciousness are all inextricably linked. In this workshop (or talk) we go on a journey to explore these aspects of humanity.

Our sessions give a scientific and practical approach to what can often be viewed as 'lofty concepts'. They help people connect the dots, better understand the meaning of yoga, and deepen their practice.

Optimal Living

At the heart of every successful individual is the ability self-manage their performance in work and life. When we are motivated and resilient, great results can be achieved.

In this session, we help people take charge of their self-leadership, take responsibility for their performance, and deliver a playbook for sustainable health and performance. We help people self-assess their own engagement off the yoga mat and deliver practical solutions to turning up each day as the best version of themselves.

find your Flow

We have all felt those moments in which everything just clicks. Everything you have been working on comes together. It is invigorating and rewarding, but how can we engineer this state more frequently in our lives and best position our mindset to facilitate flow?

In this talk, we examine the varying models of flow, the underlying culture, principles, and markers to measure and engineer flow within our yoga session.

“We had the pleasure of inviting Cameron to speak on the TEDxUWA stage. He did an incredible job, of not only captivating an audience with his ideas, but by inspiring them to change. His presentation was highly successful—audiences found it relevant and engaging”

Leanne Jiang
President and Founder TEDxUWA

“Cameron delivered an inspiring talk about flow to a varied audience at OIST from researchers to community members.  His talk was well planned and thought through. It included a good mix of stories and cutting-edge neuroscience, delivered in a way that was accessible to all. We enjoyed his talk very much and feel it has already made a difference in the lives of many attendees”

Dr Loretta White
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

“I have studied flow for years with many of the leading teachers around the world and I have not come across language and concepts as accessible as provided by the Flow Centre. I was provided a powerful framework to create increased opportunities for flow in my work and life”

Steve Brophy
Founder of Hedge School

“You have no idea how you have enhanced my life, I really appreciate your time and expertise and what you have taught me not only for my sport but more importantly for aspects outside my career. The lessons I have absorbed, in which I use daily, are priceless .”

Nathan Charles
International Athlete

“Flow is in many ways the missing piece of the puzzle. Since the start of my career I felt that I have been wandering around without going in a clear direction. The training deepened my knowledge and also widened my practice of proximal concepts. Put simply, it helped me to understand how the mind, body and energies all collaborate to produce our inner experience.”

Valentijn Mees
Yogi, Coach, Trainer